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Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a Complex Negotiations Strategist by trade and the Creator and Chief of the Golden Intelligence² School(formerly Dispute Intelligence²™), the world's only special intelligence training program in complex negotiations, deal-making and disputes.

I teach senior managers and self-directed leaders (who want to upgrade their skills) special strategies to create and leverage real value in complex negotiations (across business, in law and with governments), and then to manage negotiations with special intel² (without a team of lawyers or dirty tricks).

How? With a swag of secret weapons. This includes my special brand of genius strategies, tools and magic tricks backed by over 1000GB of intel² on human dynamics x tested extensively in commercial practice. It's not available anywhere else. Ask me about it. (I'm a tease like that.)


let's talk about you

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to avoid risk-taking. You need to be OK with some risk-taking…to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

  • You're looking for shortcuts to line your pocket. You'll be disappointed here if you're single-minded in that pursuit.

  • You're tied to the status quo. If you need things to stay the way they are then this will NOT work.

  • You have all the answers. You'll be disappointed here if you already have all the answers.

This IS for you if:

  • You manage relationships. You're a manager/partner who builds, maintains and/or manages ongoing relationships, including when they turn to disputes.

  • You want durable solutions to improve your practice. You'll sharpen your mental tools and have greater influence over the status quo with clients, colleagues and others.

  • You're willing to change the status quo. You know things could be done cleaner, smarter, better. You're open to change to improve things. 

  • You're ready to step out of the Matrix of disputes. You won't blindly follow experts. You want to manage disputes with wisdom, not false knowledge.